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FieldSeeker® GIS

FieldSeeker GIS for Mosquito Control leverages the Esri ArcGIS for Server ecosystem to provide users with simple, intuitive tools for recording and finding data related to mosquito control activities.

Sentinel® GIS

This easy-to-use software package features mobile GIS solutions for mosquito control, automated synchronization between the desktop GIS and the mobile GIS, and supervisory tools making it easy for supervisors to customize and maintain their workflow processes. Applications are based on industry standard Esri ArcGIS and ArcPad software.


DataPlus is a Windows based applications generator for Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and DOS based hand held computers and tablets. Quickly create flexible data collection applications, which you can design and test on your desktop before deploying to your device. Downloads included for DataPlus Professional and Mobile.


HydroPlus CE will function with the three most common multi-probes on today's market: In-Situ, Hydrolab and YSI. Imagine the cost savings of having one display for all your various multiprobes. Imagine the time saved in training one method of data collection and data download. Load HydroPlus® into a CE device such the In- Situ Rugged Reader, Trimble GeoExplorer CE, or Allegro CX to eliminate the confusion and "bridge the gap".


Everglade is a comprehensive mobile data collection solution meeting wetland delineation requirements as defined by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for tabular and spatial data collection. Use Everglade to accurately and rapidly prepare, collect, and produce wetland determination reports.


WetCollect is a next generation hosted software solution designed to expedite the data collection and processing of Routine Wetland Determination forms as prescribed in the new Regional Supplements to the U.S. Army 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual. Developed to run on Windows Mobile handheld devices, WetCollect features a highly intuitive touch screen interface which enables wetland professionals to reduce report time by more than 50% by allowing them to digitally record wetland data in the field and eliminate handwritten reports. With the click of a button, the data collected in the field with WetCollect can be transmitted to a secure website. WetCollect users can then easily access their data and print, email, or save their updated regional wetland delineation data form as a PDF.