Windows Mobile/WEHH Memory Usage Trick on ArcPad

Recently Juniper Systems posted this article on their blog, Get Rugged. We found this information to be very valuable and wanted to share.

One thing you may have found while using Windows Mobile or Windows Embedded Handheld is that the operating system has a 32 MB limit on RAM memory used per process. In Esri®’s ArcPad field mapping software, this means that any process such as panning/zooming, mapping, opening/closing layers, etc. is limited to 32 MB of RAM each time.

If you’re like many of our customers and use ArcPad for GPS mapping, ArcPad has a handy little feature that will help you keep track of how much RAM any particular process uses.

Juniper System’s Applications Support Engineer, Adrian Welsh, put together this video to show you how to utilize this ArcPad feature and avoid any memory errors as you use ArcPad.