Where Can I Find Help with ArcPad, TerraSync, or my Trimble Device?

Mapping with professional-grade GNSS equipment can be a valuable tool, but it is amazing how many of us do not realize the full potential of the system we have.  Given the high-dollar investment, we expect performance, especially positional accuracy, to be superior to that of a recreational device we can buy at our local sporting goods store for $200.  But if you treat your resource-grade system like a cheap GPS, it’s probably going to perform like a cheap GPS.  The fact of the matter is, if we don’t seek out the right resources and training, we’re probably not getting all the bang our not-so-small buck paid for.

At Elecdata we get calls for help all the time from people working with Esri ArcPad, Trimble TerraSync, the office software like Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office or Positions, and the many different Trimble GNSS handheld devices.  While there are certainly times where hardware malfunctions or there is a problem with software or settings that may warrant a technical support case, what we often find is that what people truly need, is good ole’ fashioned training!

Training comes in all forms and is available for any budget from free to several thousand dollars.  What I want to point out in today’s post is where you can turn for help.  There are many resources available online or through your local Trimble dealer or even Esri where you can find a whole host of help.   I’ve got a long list of suggestions for where you can look online and what you might request from a professional to get the most out of your investment and make your day of mapping go a lot better.

Online Trimble and Esri mapping system resources

o   From Elecdata

  • Elecdata’s Support Notes – includes lots of very specific documentation on specific functions, best practices, known issues, and other topics compiled by our technical support staff.  These are the people we go to in house when we don’t know how to do something.  This may be the most valuable resource listed here!
  • www.gpsprioritysupport.com – a resource for common support issues, documentation, and other topics related to Trimble mapping hardware, ArcPad, Juniper Systems handhelds, Ricoh GPS cameras, etc.
  • Free online videos

o   From Trimble – Trimble’s Mapping and GIS website  – this site is organized by product and each product has a “Technical Support” tab from which you can download user guides, support notes, documentation, downloads for hardware and software updates, etc.  Go to the main page and browse to your product.  Alternatively, you can search for your product HERE.  Some of the most commonly used product support pages are listed below.

o   From Esri

o   Other online resources

  • Training Videos – These come at a cost but are well worth it.  There are full online courses that go much more in-depth and are more comprehensive than the free resources.
  • More Training Videos – Also at a cost, from a different third-party source, and well worth it.  You can even view a full 2-day formal TerraSync and Pathfinder Office training course online for a fraction of the cost of attending a live course.  Or pick and choose the topics you need guidance on.
  • YouTube has an incredible amount of good content from a variety of sources that is easy to search for and, of course, free

Ask your Trimble dealer or a certified training provider for:

o   Customized on-site training

o   Formal training classes

o   The FREE TerraSync/GPS Pathfinder Office or ArcPad “Orientation Guide”.  This is a gem that you can’t get just anywhere but goes step-by-step through some of the most common work flows.  Contact us if you’d like it!

Find the help you need, get trained up, and happy mapping!