The Latest Functionality in Esri’s Collector App and Trimble’s TerraFlex Software

Have you seen what’s new in the smartphone GIS data collection apps?  Here’s a quick overview of a couple of the highlights, and look for our detailed comparison coming later this month.

In Esri’s Collector App, the search button now allows you to search for features in your map.  They have added the ability to switch between local base maps, not just online base maps. My favorite improvement is for Collector on iOS where you can now group feature classes into expandable and collapsible items making data collection easier in maps with large amounts of subtypes and feature classes.


TerraFlex also has some cool upgrades like being able to export directly to a file geodatabase, and it now includes Esri basemap support to give users a larger variety of background maps to choose from.  The big one though, is the TerraFlex ArcMap Plugin.  Now you can move forms directly from ArcMap to TerraFlex and easily bring data back without the import/export steps previously needed.  Look how simple it is!

Set up your project

Collect Data

Download Data Into ArcMap

For more details on this add-in, check it out on the Trimble Positions Development Team Blog.

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