Satellites Galore! What We Launch Into Space and GPS Modernization

Today there are hundreds of satellites orbiting Earth.  A portion of those are Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (European Union), and COMPASS or BeiDou (China).  But there are many other reasons governments and commercial interests want to put birds in the sky: imagery capture, communications, television broadcasting, weather monitoring, intelligence […]

Galileo Officially Launched

The European Space agency has begun launching fully operational satellites for their Galileo GNSS. After nearly a decade of experimentation and testing the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch two fully operational Galileo system satellites. The launch date was originally set for 8/21/14 but was delayed 24 hours due to weather conditions at the launch […]

The Geo 7X Tackles Tough Jobs with Style and Grace

One common aspect of field data collection is that it often happens in remote places with no cell coverage or worse yet no Starbucks.  Running low on caffeine can seem tragic at times but a GNSS handheld that runs low on satellites is certain doom for those jobs we consider tough.  Simply put, in the […]

How to Choose a Single Base or VRS Subnet in Oregon or Washington to Receive Real Time Corrections for High Accuracy Mapping

For those of you using GNSS surveying or mapping systems in Oregon or Washington, you have access to real time correctors via cellular modem or cell phone to a comprehensive network of GNSS base stations, providing there is cellular service somewhere near your project site. VRS Information A VRS, or Virtual Reference Station, is a […]

A Few, Simple Best Practices for Collecting GNSS Data Using Trimble Handhelds

  Collecting high quality GNSS data in the field is simple.  Well…..maybe that is understating things considering you can attend a prestigious university and receive a graduate degree on the subject.  Certainly there is a lot to consider when working with GNSS technology as a whole.  The best approach is to narrow down the subject […]

GLONASS Gone and Back Again

On April 1st GPS users experienced an unprecedented event; the full operational loss of the Russian GNSS constellation commonly referred to as GLONASS.   As detailed in the GPS World article “GLONASS Gone . . . Then Back” the GLONASS system experienced a total disruption. Elecdata received many calls from users around the country stating […]