Elevation Matters: High-accuracy GNSS for Dam Inspections

When an application for GNSS requires highly accurate relative elevation readings for a set of features, we often think of fairly traditional surveying techniques and equipment like survey-grade GNSS systems, total stations, or even the old hand level with a stadia rod.  But when that structure is way out in the boondocks far from any […]

The Geo 7X Tackles Tough Jobs with Style and Grace

One common aspect of field data collection is that it often happens in remote places with no cell coverage or worse yet no Starbucks.  Running low on caffeine can seem tragic at times but a GNSS handheld that runs low on satellites is certain doom for those jobs we consider tough.  Simply put, in the […]

GPS Survey of Energia Costa Azul

Earlier this month Jon Gipson of ASC Scientific and myself, Cliff Askew of Electronic Data Solutions, embarked on a quick trip to Ensenada, Mexico to survey the breakwater at Energia Costa Azul. The goal is to verify that the breakwater is not being moved  by the force of the ocean wave’s constant pounding. This Liquefied Natural Gas plant provides […]