The Esri ArcMap Plugin for Trimble TerraFlex Scores! The Good Guys Win Again!

It is such a welcome feeling knowing that you can pick up nearly any device, be it smartphone, iPad, Android device or full Windows tablet and venture into the field for attribute driven GIS data collection.  In some ways, it’s a little dangerous to give in to the temptation to use a smartphone to GPS […]

The Latest Functionality in Esri’s Collector App and Trimble’s TerraFlex Software

Have you seen what’s new in the smartphone GIS data collection apps?  Here’s a quick overview of a couple of the highlights, and look for our detailed comparison coming later this month. In Esri’s Collector App, the search button now allows you to search for features in your map.  They have added the ability to […]

When Deciding What Coordinate System to Use…

When deciding what coordinate system to use (or export to) after collecting GNSS data in the field with a spatial reference of Latitude, Longitude, WGS-84, HAE in meters, there’s really no “correct” one.  The decision should be based on how you want to project your data onto a map or in a computer program.  It’s […]