DataPlus Mobile – Taking Field Data Collection to the Next Level

In the late ‘80’s Electronic Data Solutions released DataPlus EX, a simple forms builder for the proprietary operating system on the Omnidata (now Juniper Systems) Polycorder, rugged field data collector. From these simple beginnings have grown one of the most popular field form creation apps in the natural resource market, DataPlus Professional.

Whether your data collection needs include timber inventory, range management or fisheries data collection, DataPlus provides a platform for novice computer users to create and go to the field with their own electronic forms.

Electronic Data Solutions is now proud to announce the release of our latest field form creation software, DataPlus Mobile. DataPlus Mobile is a Windows-based application generator for both Windows Mobile and Windows 7/8 devices. DataPlus Mobile gives you the power to quickly design and create flexible data collection applications, which you can test on your desktop before deploying to your device.

The DataPlus Program Editor gives you the ability to add powerful features to your data collection workflows. Design one application, then run it easily on mobile devices and Windows tablets with different display sizes or operating systems.

What’s new in DataPlus Mobile?

  • Improved Application Generator Layout


  • More Data Levels and Branches
    • five data levels with up to 26 branches in each
  • Improved GPS interface & Navigation, including GPS data collection of points, lines and polygons, included with data records


  • Expanded Data Entry Options, Error Checks, Missing Data Checks
  • More User Friendly Data Prompts
  • Branch Control Options
  • Data Specific Auto-Store Feature
  • Locks and Blocks for Data Field and Hierarchy Branches
    • access to sibling, parent, and child branches can be restricted based on various conditions.


  • Check Files can Link to External Lists
  • Data Relationships Explicitly Supported (key fields built-in)
  • Data “Check-out” to take Historical Data back to Field (future release)
  • Enhanced Desktop Support for MS Windows 7/8
  • Mobile Device Support for Windows Mobile & Windows 7


DataPlus relies on function keys for many processes and a row of virtual function keys is provided for Windows and Windows Mobile tablets that lack keyboards
  • Import existing DataPlus Professional applications and user programs
  • Data Conversion for shapefiles
  • Application packaging for enhanced file security and transfer
  • Bundled datasets for easier file management and data transfer
  • ArcGIS Online compatibility with CSV format or Esri Maps for Office


In subsequent blogs we will cover specific DataPlus processes (e.g. error checks, external sensor data, using locks/blocks and more) in more detail so that these blog postings may be used as training modules to help you build and improve your DataPlus mobile applications.

A demonstration copy of DataPlus Mobile can be downloaded on our downloads page