Programmable Hardware Keys on the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

Aid Popular Field Data Collection and Water Resource Software The rugged Mesa 2 tablet from Juniper Systems includes three, large, programmable hardware keys below the screen or to the left/right side when held in the landscape position. In their continuing efforts to make field data collection more efficient, Juniper systems has made it very easy […]

A Rugged Windows 10 Tablet for Water Resource Investigations

Hydrologists, biologists, watershed scientists and other professional tasked with water resource data collection can benefit from a lightweight and rugged field-computer that that has the power of their desktop/laptop computer but is light-weight and rugged enough for field use. The ideal device would contain the processor muscle to run an assortment of third-party MS Windows […]

DataPlus Mobile – Using a Forms Builder for Fisheries Field Data Collection

Elecdata’s DataPlus Mobile form creation software is particularly well-suited for creating field data collection forms for use in fisheries. Using two real-world examples, this article will show how to replicate fisheries field forms, utilize DataPlus Mobile features to speed field data collection and minimize errors, and then quickly and easily download the data to an […]

Implementing GPS Data in your DataPlus Mobile Application — Part 2: Collecting Line or Polygon Data to an External File

One of the new features in DataPlus Mobile is a GPS App tab for easily collecting spatial data with your DataPlus Mobile application. Through the GPS tab you can configure your application so that you can record latitude, longitude and elevation fields associated with your specific application. Points can either be logged internally (as fields […]

Implementing GPS Data in Your DataPlus® Mobile Application

  One of the new features in DataPlus Mobile is a GPS App tab for easily adding spatial data to your DataPlus Mobile application. Through the GPS tab you can add latitude, longitude and elevation fields to your DataPlus Mobile application. In addition you can also select options to require a position, require that the […]

DataPlus Mobile – Taking Field Data Collection to the Next Level

In the late ‘80’s Electronic Data Solutions released DataPlus EX, a simple forms builder for the proprietary operating system on the Omnidata (now Juniper Systems) Polycorder, rugged field data collector. From these simple beginnings have grown one of the most popular field form creation apps in the natural resource market, DataPlus Professional. Whether your data […]

Event-Based Water Sampling With ISCO Samplers

Capturing the rising limb of a storm event and having the ability to collect water samples from industrial dischargers with intermittent flows can be challenging for agencies tasked with these responsibilities. This article details how a small, inexpensive tool available from Teledyne ISCO can aid both of these applications and more. The model 1640 Liquid […]

Increase Data Collection Productivity – Allegro 2

For Decades the Juniper Systems Allegro field computer has set the standard for ruggedness and performance for high-production data collection in natural resources. A full alpha and large numeric keyboard combined with a touch-screen display allows rapid, accurate data entry, even in severe weather conditions. The new Allegro 2 continues this tradition with the same […]

A Few Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next ADCP

As portable acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) technology becomes the standard for stream and river flow measurement there is a wider selection of ADCP’s from which to choose. How do you know which ADCP best fits your measurement needs? Ask yourself these questions: What are the channels like that I want to measure: How shallow […]

What Moves You?

Rope & Cable Traversing Systems for ADCP’s Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP’s) have represented a significant advance in the field of stream and river discharge measurement. A float-based ADCP measurement is typically much safer, faster and more accurate than traditional wading measurements with a current meter, or current meter readings taken with a bridge-board and […]