Mosquito Control and UAS

As a mosquito control professional, do you sometimes find it challenging to locate mosquito breeding sources in difficult to access areas?  Or do you wish you had a better method to inspect properties using an aerial view to identify potential breeding sources?  Exciting new technology using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) may be the perfect solution for […]

FieldSeeker GIS on your Apple iOS Device? Absolutely!

For many years, Electronic Data Solutions(Elecdata) has developed and distributed professional software to meet the needs of the Mosquito and Vector Control industry.  FieldSeeker GIS is our commercial enterprise software that provides network-based technology for office and field staff involved in vector control.  Web-based software tools are available to control technicians in the field where […]

Geospatial Technology in Disaster Response

It has now been almost a month since Category 5 Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu. With sustained winds greater than 160 MPH, much of the Island nation of Vanuatu has been devastated by wind damage to personal property and to civil infrastructure. It is difficult for the rest of the world to receive information describing the […]

Interactive Maps and Public Health

Many national and global health organizations closely monitor the appearance and distribution of human health risks due to bacterial and viral infections.  Maps and other geographic content have been an important tool in describing the distribution of disease and aiding in appropriate response. Interactive maps available to anyone are the newest geographic content tools being used […]

Celebrate GIS!

Tomorrow, the world will celebrate GIS! November 19, 2014 is GIS Day, a day where we may all salute the many benefits provided by the Geospatial community. Be a part of the celebration!  Since 1999, GIS Day events have occurred around the world that are fun, informative, and creative. Many Geospatial organizations plan outreach events […]

Do you use Esri Maps for Office yet?

A couple of years ago, Esri introduced the Esri Maps for Office plug-in for Microsoft Office.  This plug-in adds exceptional, and easy to use, GIS mapping functionality to traditional Microsoft Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint.  These tools allow spreadsheet data to be explored and analyzed in new and meaningful ways.  Dynamic and interactive maps […]

Software Tools in Sentinel™ GIS to Meet NPDES Reporting Requirements

Nearly every U.S. State has developed regulations for issuing NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permits under the Clean Water Act that allow regulated pesticides to be discharged to most waters of the United States. Before doing so, any entity or mosquito control organization seeking to obtain a permit from the state must first develop […]