Pesky Paperwork for Pesticides

Simple, efficient, and reliable! Elecdata’s Pesticide Application Record (PAR) Application is an innovative and cost effective solution for replacing those HUGE stacks of paper work you create for your pesticide applications. Leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Collector app we developed a system that is: Designed to meet all federal pesticide record keeping requirements, put forth […]

Esri Collector: A Viable Solution for Your Data Maintenance Needs

As mobile computing hardware has evolved so has the need for professional data collection software solutions. As the capabilities of cell phones have evolved, so has our desire to integrate these capable devices in to our professional work flows. Esri Collector offers a growing list of capabilities and offers another software solution targeted at integrating […]

Traveling Through Time, Back to the Basics of GPS

From our daily lives, to determining the most accurate position using GPS, timing is a critical component of our modern lives. Advancements in clocks and their accuracy has driven many innovations, including the ability to use GPS to precisely locate ourselves on the planet. The good old equation “speed of light times transit times equals […]

Galileo Officially Launched

The European Space agency has begun launching fully operational satellites for their Galileo GNSS. After nearly a decade of experimentation and testing the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch two fully operational Galileo system satellites. The launch date was originally set for 8/21/14 but was delayed 24 hours due to weather conditions at the launch […]

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

I need better imagery! Frequently we are asked about “aerial” imagery and sources for high resolution imagery. Here we will examine some aerial imagery: facts, myths, and sources. Aerial imagery is the process of taking photos of the ground from an elevated position. This imagery can be collected using various methods including fixed-winged manned aircraft, […]

GLONASS Gone and Back Again

On April 1st GPS users experienced an unprecedented event; the full operational loss of the Russian GNSS constellation commonly referred to as GLONASS.   As detailed in the GPS World article “GLONASS Gone . . . Then Back” the GLONASS system experienced a total disruption. Elecdata received many calls from users around the country stating […]