What Does the ArcGIS Online Entitlement Mean to You?

Today, most people want to use a smartphone or tablet to access geographic data and maps in the field frequently, even without internet connectivity.  I’ll go out on a limb and say you fall into this category, as well. If you haven’t started with ArcGIS Online you are missing the best way to share and use […]

3D Elevation Program Enables Cooperative LIDAR Projects in Your Area

In the aerial photograph below, can you see a geologic hazard?  How about in the LIDAR image of the same location?  If this and other uses for high quality topographic data interests you, read on and learn how to be involved in LIDAR projects in your area that include matching Federal funds. The 3D Elevation […]

High Accuracy GNSS in Today’s Common GIS Workflows

Today’s field users and GIS folks now have more choices than ever regarding tools for field data collection. It makes sense that collecting data in the field is relatively easy given all these choices and the ability to use common devices like phones and tablets. Add in geopdf viewers and simple to use apps for […]

The New Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver is Small but Powerful

Smart devices such as iPads and Android tablets are becoming more and more popular for collecting GIS data in the field.  They are affordable, readily available, and powerful and offer benefits that GIS folks like such as a larger view for displaying imagery and completing an attribute form.  The “tablet craze” as you might call […]

Is My Integrated Camera Good Enough For GIS?

That is an interesting question and not an easy one to answer. We can start by clarifying that standalone digital cameras take the best pictures. That is clear! Many of today’s smartphones and tablets with their miniature lenses do amazingly well too. What if we look at the picture quality needed by GIS professionals? Do […]

The Esri ArcMap Plugin for Trimble TerraFlex Scores! The Good Guys Win Again!

It is such a welcome feeling knowing that you can pick up nearly any device, be it smartphone, iPad, Android device or full Windows tablet and venture into the field for attribute driven GIS data collection.  In some ways, it’s a little dangerous to give in to the temptation to use a smartphone to GPS […]

The Secret to Calculating Stockpile Volume

It is amazing how fast certain people can estimate the volume of a stockpile.  We aren’t talking about armchair quarterbacks here.  These are folks who wear the sole off a nice pair of leather work boots in a single year.  They can glance at a pile between sips of hot coffee and tell you the […]

The Geo 7X Tackles Tough Jobs with Style and Grace

One common aspect of field data collection is that it often happens in remote places with no cell coverage or worse yet no Starbucks.  Running low on caffeine can seem tragic at times but a GNSS handheld that runs low on satellites is certain doom for those jobs we consider tough.  Simply put, in the […]

A Few, Simple Best Practices for Collecting GNSS Data Using Trimble Handhelds

  Collecting high quality GNSS data in the field is simple.  Well…..maybe that is understating things considering you can attend a prestigious university and receive a graduate degree on the subject.  Certainly there is a lot to consider when working with GNSS technology as a whole.  The best approach is to narrow down the subject […]

City of Bozeman takes Stormwater Mapping to the Streets

In early 2012, the City of Bozeman GIS Department was asked to create a comprehensive map of the City’s stormwater system, supporting both the Bozeman Stormwater Program and Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) permit for stormwater discharge. The question quickly became….what is the best way given the resources we have to create the inventory […]