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Current Meters

Precision instruments used to measure water velocity. They can be deployed from bridges and used with bridge boards or attached to wading rods and used while wading a stream.

Water Level Instruments

Consisting of shaft encoders, bubbler type, non-submersible pressure transducers and submersible pressure transducers.

Rain Gauges & Loggers

Instruments used to collect and measure the rainfall intensity and total amount over time. Typically comprised of a cylindrical base, a funnel for collecting the precipitation and a calibrated tipping mechanism couple to a magnetic reed switch for providing a pulse output to a data logger.

Winches & Cableway Systems

Winches are used with bridge boards and weights for water velocity measurements and sediment sampling from a bridge. Cableway systems are used to tow ADCP’s, and current meters across a channel to make flow measurements and can also be used to move sediment sampling equipment across a river.